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Confessions of a Small Business Owner

Jan 24, 2019

The impromptu hiatus is over! In this episode I divulge exactly why I disappeared off the face of the Earth for two months. This is hopefully a lesson in how to avoid burning out in the detrimental way I did at the tail end of 2018.

I also found my most hip hop photo to go with the title of this episode.

Thank you for...

Dec 3, 2018

In this mini episode I am chatting dos and don'ts of sharing online. This topic was suggested by one of my amazing Patrons, Hannah from Creative Bea (shop her here) and I think it's such an important one to cover because we share so much of ourselves that sometimes it's easy to forget where the boundaries should...

Nov 30, 2018

Anyone else singing this title to Dolly Parton?

In this episode I talk to Kate from Kate Works about managing both a full time job and trying to start your own business.

Kate confesses that she's a bit of a hoarder and gives lots of advice on how to prioritise and balance your time as well as celebrating all the little...

Nov 14, 2018

In this mini episode we're talking about all the little changes you can make to make sure you're working smarter. So I'm handing over my dos and don'ts guide to working hard without burning out. 

I am as guilty as anyone for burning the candle at both ends and forgetting to look after myself. Especially when I'm really...

Nov 8, 2018

I talk with Rachel Waring from Rachel Emma Studio about the myth of feeling ready and how this can impact your business decisions.

Rachel is a wedding stylist and she makes dreamy wedding decor and stationery.

We also talk about:

  • How waiting for the right time might be holding you back from making progress
  • How...